Limited Edition HO Scale PCC 2743

Rockhill Trolley Museum Store Item

A VERY LIMITED NUMBER of Bowser HO Non Powered Display Models of PCC 2743 in its as-delivered paint scheme are now available. This scheme is green and cream with a silver roof and the maroon belt rail and pin striping. The destination sign is Route 23 10-Oregon and is correct for Route 23 in 1947 where this series of PCCs were first in operation on the streets of Philadelphia.

The project electrician explains some of the many improvements to an interested member.

For years, the Museum Store has limped along with minimal improvements while track has been built and trolley cars restored and repaired. The Museum Store is an important point of contact between our museum and its visitors, and the volunteers involved in this project deserve a big round of applause for their dedication in tackling this project.

March 2004

Enormous changes in the Museum Store

March 6, 2004

Members will be astonished to see all the changes which have occurred in the Museum Store over the winter! During the brutally cold weather of January and February, the building's new oil-fired furnace kept volunteers comfortable while they put in many hours of hard work. Unfortunately, foul weather kept us from photographing most of the work in progress, but you can surely appreciate the results shown here.

Volunteers removed the old wall paneling, studded-out the walls, and installed proper insulation, new ductwork, and new paneling. They replaced old windows with new energy-efficient ones. They completely rewired the area with new power, phone, audio, and security wiring. They installed a new dropped ceiling and lights. They even installed a central vacuum system to make it easier to keep the facility looking its best for visitors!

March 2004

Breakfast at the Rockhill Diner?

March 13, 2004

Well, not exactly. But the Museum Store was temporarily used as a dining room to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner to a museum work crew as well as volunteers for the Friends of the East Broad Top RR. Diners were certainly impressed by the continuing progress on improvements to the area.

Since the last report, new storage cabinets, countertops, and our favorite epoxy floor paint have been added. The room is really coming together!

March 2004

Looking More Like a Museum Store

March 20, 2004

With continued hard work from a number of volunteers, the Museum Store is nearly ready to reopen for the season. Not all the work is complete, but a portion of has already been restocked with merchandise to experiment with layout.

Meanwhile work is still underway on other areas of the building, including a facelift of some of the exterior. Stay tuned for further details as they develop!

March 2004

Some call it a Super Store

May 30, 2004

With the beginning of operations season, the Museum Store is back in service and looking fantastic. Though there are a few odds and ends to complete, the vast majority of work on the area is complete. Please stop by during your next visit, browse our new and improved photo and artifact displays, and peruse offerings of souvenirs and historic information.

May 2004