P&W Plow #10

P&W Plow #10

Rockhill Trolley Museum Photo

Just like rubber tired snowplows which keep highways clear today, trolley companies had snowplows to keep their tracks clear. Trolley snowplow #10 was built by the Wason Manufacturing Co. of Springfield, MA in 1915, and was used to clear heavy snows from tracks of the Philadelphia & Western Railroad. Known as a shear plow, car #10 pushes snow to the right side of the track only. Some plows were also built which pushed snow to both sides of the track. The plows of car #10 can be raised manually or pneumatically.

Car #10 served its entire career operating on fourteen miles of track between Norristown and 69th Street Terminal in Upper Darby. It is believed the car may have occasionally been used to clear snow from the city streets of Norristown and the tracks of the Lehigh Valley Transit system as far north as Lansdale.

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