East Broad Top RR

So who cancelled winter???

January 8, 2007

To kick off 2007, volunteers found the weather to be downright pleasant in Rockhill Furnace for the first week in January.

Without winter coats, volunteers discover some trolley treasures stored in a narrow gauge boxcar that is set for conversion into a passenger car on the East Broad Top excursion train.

Photos: Joel S

January 2007

It's a trolley! It's a bus! It's a... Funny Looking EBT Thing??

January 14, 2006

You've probably noticed that some projects in these pages are not clearly trolley museum projects. Many of our members are active participants in East Broad Top and Friends of the East Broad Top projects. A good example is the current off-site restoration of the EBT 'M3', a homebuilt motorcar which has not operated in at least four decades. Nine people have contributed to the project so far, seven of whom are joint RTM/FEBT members.

The car was disassembled down to the bare frame, sandblasted, and painted. Just a few of the problems addressed to date are: broken and worn springs, bad wheels, bad axle bearings, broken rivets on frame and seats, rotted wood on sides, torn canvas, broken floor boards, and a bad radiator.

Most amazingly, the rare 1924 Nash engine and transmission, widely considered a lost cause, have been resurrected with the investment of over 230 hours by a master craftsman. Using Cadillac valves, Dodge valve springs, and even Toyota pistons (what would Nash think?) instead of unobtainable original parts, the engine has been reinstalled, tested, and runs wonderfully.

We're excited that this truly unique machine will again carry EBT passengers, and we're proud that some of our RTM members are the ones doing critical work to see the project through.

With the canvas sides removed, its apparent that there isn't a whole lot structure to the M3. That does not mean that its restoration is a cakewalk, however!

January 2006

Coal Mining Resumes in Broad Top Region

April 28, 2006

A contractor for the East Broad Top RR is removing coal waste or boney from an enormous pile behind our Carbarn 1. The pile has been an 'attractive nuisance' to local teenagers with ATVs, and we are happy to see it go. In the future, the site of the pile might be valuable space for a modern EBT shop or additional RTM facility.

With iron prices so high, perhaps someone will next reopen iron ore mines in Black Log Narrows.

Derelict EBT hoppers appear to be waiting for coal in this view taken from atop the EBT shops.

April 2006

Two Bobcats Roam the Property

May 10, 2006

Experts assure there is little danger of being bitten, however. It's just that an FEBT work week saw our Bobcat skid loader join a Bobcat 331 mini-excavator from Orbisonia Rentals to work on numerous projects for both the EBT and us.

An FEBT/RTM volunteer uses the excavator to extract ballast from a grade crossing to be concreted.

May 2006

Help from a Saint

May 14, 2005

We've mentioned before how Friends of the East Broad Top are doing great things to help our neighboring railroad. For a second year they arranged a visit by volunteers from the Bucksgahuda & Western, a two-foot-gauge railroad in St Marys, PA. This hard-working gang arrived by the busload, brought their own track machinery, and did a tremendous upgrade to the EBT wye track behind our Car Barn 1. We can only conclude that regular consumption of Straub (an all-grain beverage from St Marys), is producing superhuman volunteer workers in the northern reaches of Pennsylvania... And we're happy to have them!

Depicted is just a fraction of the total St Marys workforce, tearing into deteriorated EBT trackage.

May 2005

Smoother EBT Crossing

June 21, 2005

Although not directly impacting our trackage or operations, the EBT grade crossing adjacent to our passenger platform at Meadow Street has been rebuilt. A contractor rebuilt the multi-track crossing a little at a time, to keep auto traffic moving on the busy street. Local residents surely appreciate the smoother pavement, but many drivers seem to think Meadow Street is now the home stretch at the Indy 500. One wonders how long it will be until an EBT visitor is run over by a resident in a hurry to get to the Minit Mart for another pack of generic cigarettes...

The new crossing is almost completed.

June 2005