Blacklog Narrows

RTM Photo: Blacklog Narrows

After the siding, the car enters the narrows, where the woods are thicker and the mountain side steeper. There is a brief evidence of mine tailings where water pours out of one of the iron company’s now flooded mines but visitors are more likely to enjoy the view of the Blacklog Creek as it flows serenely to the left of the trolley track. As the car rounds the final curve, the Blacklog Narrows Platform appears ahead at the end of the track. There is a track on each side of the platform. Visitors may notice that the turnout from the switch to the siding is quite sharp; only a trolley can negotiate such a sharp turn (which was, in fact, designed and fabricated in our own shops). When the car comes to a stop, the motorman will give a brief history of the car and its significance in the trolley era.

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