Where is "the Museum?"

RTM Photo: School Group Tours

The answer is: as soon as you step out of your car, you're in it! The museum is your trolley ride and all the things you'll see throughout the grounds. Inside the Museum Store, there are a handful of pictures on display. These exhibits rotate periodically, but our collection of cars and equipment really is the heart of the exhibits.

The motorman or conductor may offer to take riders on a tour of the cars in Carbarn 1 at the conclusion of most excurions, but the best way to experience a trolley is by riding in it and seeing it come to life. While each car's destination is the same, each ride is quite different. For this reason, tickets are good for unlimited rides on the day of purchase+. On many days there may only be enough qualified crew members to run one car at a time, but if visitors request to ride one of the other passenger cars that is out on display, the dispatcher will do his best to schedule it.

+On special days, like Pumpkin Patch or Ice Cream events, rides are unlimited (sorry, pumpkins, ice cream and other gifts included in event tickets are not). At Santa's Trolley or Polar Bear Express, riders may only ride again if there are unsold seats.